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You love mysteries?

Playing games that require a strategy and logical thinking, and a sharp eye is among your favorite things? You like getting lost for the pleasure of finding your way back? Your friends are astonished by your intuition and the dexterity when you’re solving riddles? Then come and face the challenges waiting for you behind Questomania‘s doors! Spend an unforgettable hour with your friends, family, or coworkers. Escape from reality and join us in an adventure! Will you be able to conquer the rooms?
You have exactly sixty minutes to see.
Unique and exciting <br>stories

Unique and exciting

Each of our room escape games has its own unique story and is an unforgettable adventure that deserves to be experienced. Questomania is the perfect place to escape the daily grind, go beyond the routine and try something new.
Electronics, lasers, robots and many more...

Electronics, lasers, robots and many more...

The most advanced technology helps us create our escape room games that are most similar to computer ones but are real.
Comfort and <br>coziness

Comfort and

All of the rooms in the house of Questomania are equipped with ventilation and air conditioning so comfortable temperature and good ventilation air are guaranteed.
Total <br>immersion


The room setting will carry you away to another world for an hour. You can feel like a film or computer game character, and at some point, might even forget who you really are...
Unconventional <br>solutions


Getting out of the room within 60 minutes is not as easy as it seems. It is not only logic that is important, but also attention, imagination and teamwork!
A sunny reception with coffee and tea

A sunny reception with coffee and tea

Especially for you we have created a cozy corner with homelike atmosphere. Here you will be welcomed with a cup of hot coffee or tea, we will give you instructions for the game and we will hear your opinion about the experience after it.
Organize a team of 2-6 people. Choose the storyline and book a convenient time online or by phone. Arrive on time. No special training or superpower is required. All you need is clear mind, good mood and true friends.