Celebration hall "Mafia-club"

Celebration hall

An atmosphere of an authentic gangster’s club
8 - 12 players 60 MINUTES

What do we provide in our party hall? 

- The party hall of Questomania can fit approximately 24 people.
- The space is soundproof which allows the party to take place at any time of the day. 
- For birthday parties we have a separate room for the parents. 
- Kids from 7 to 14 years are provided with a professional animator/host.
- For treats - we work with the catering company “ 100 grama sladki “
- A variety of drinks are provided on the spot.
- We have got an X-Box, Smart TV, a computer and sound system at our disposal. 
- For the appreciators of quiet celebrations we offer board games which are played on a big, round table. 
- The role play game “Mafia” takes place in our hall as well. 

Description of the game “Mafia”

Imagine you’re in a city taken over by the Mafia. Each one of you will receive a card with a particular role, and after that you will be split up in two teams - representatives of order, united with peaceful citizens versus the members of the Mafia.
When night comes the Mafia will try to purge the city and kill the peaceful citizens, and with sunrise comes the time for the townsfolk to take matters into their own hands and put the Mafia in jail. This happens after every player has voted. Will the members of the Mafia be able to escape from the hand of law or will order prevail? While playing, you are simultaneously having fun, using your intuitive skills and analytical thinking in a team game suitable for friends, family and work colleagues. 

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