Game rules

1. The general conditions posted on this website govern the relationship between clients of games with trademark Questomania and service provider Questomania Ltd. UIC 202981853, with registered office: Bulgaria, Burgas, Al& Stamoliski 5, Manager Stanoslav Vladimirovich Klimov&
2. Provide a service game called "Escape the Room" is performed only in specially built gaming premises in a commercial establishment of the supplier.
3. All customers are required to familiarize themselves with the terms of the supplier and the rules of the game are available as well as on the website of the supplier and in all its outlets.
4. SUPPLIER accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage occurring in consequence of improper actions during the game client.
5. Self participation in the game "Escape the Room" organized by the supplier can take persons over 14 years. Young adventurers under 14 must have a companion to accompany them but NOT necessarily to participate in the game. For youngsters under the age of 10, the game can only be played with the presence of an attendant who is involved in the gaming activities. The game is free for children under age of 7 
6. Participation in the game "Escape the Room" is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from claustrophobia, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as for people with impaired motor system or visually impaired. In the event that customers with similar diseases still decide to take part in the game "Escape the Room", the supplier does not bear any responsibility for any incurred medical problems related to their disease.
7. The duration of a game "Escape the Room" is 60 minutes. The game can take part at least two clients and a maximum of six clients. From the start of the game marked the beginning of the sixty minutes of play for all customers after their expiry, all customers will have to leave the playing area, whether they solve all puzzles.
8. The client used alcohol or narcotic substances are not allowed on the territory of any of establishment of the supplier. In case of presence of such persons SUPPLIER has the right to call the police.
9. Within the premises vklyuchaem territory of the arcade, which is located in the premises of the PROVIDER, is absolutely forbidden the use of: alcohol, narcotic substances and tobacco! Violators will be immediately removed and refusal SUPPLIER will seek help in the face of the police!
10. All clients early, if you have to wait on the territory of premises / reception /. Using arcade for purposes such as: smoking, conversation or waiting teammates is absolutely forbidden! All participants who violate this rule will be asked or to enter the premises or to take to the streets.
8. Customers may at any time terminate its participation in the game "Escape the Room", our operator will ensure constant process of their game, and if necessary terminate and bring them out of the gaming premises.
9. In the event that their customers need to prematurely terminate their participation in the game, whether for health or any reason they will be displayed by the operator of the game, then it will not be able to return during the game .
10. In case of incorrect or malicious play or conduct of the customer, the operator can immediately terminate the game "Escape the Room" and gave customers from gaming premises and the territory of the premises of the SUPPLIER.
11. On-site supplier has 24 hour video surveillance. During the game client is recorded. These records are kept 24 hours, then deleted from the provider's server. Entries will not be used for commercial purposes or published anywhere. SUPPLIER will use the records only in cases of malicious actions by customers such evidence to the competent Bulgarian court.
12. CUSTOMER bear full material liability in case of damage to any property of the supplier, whether the damage occurred intentionally or unintentionally. In case of refusal by the client to pay the amount due from them for the material damage, the supplier has the right to institute the main proceedings in the competent court of the Republic of Bulgaria.
13. CUSTOMERS are required to go through safety briefing and conditions of the game, which will be provided by the supplier immediately before the start of the game the wedge. Without switch instruction no client can participate in the game
14. Once the client undergo safety briefing and playing conditions and are met with general conditions of the supplier, customer are required to complete a declaration of compliance with all the rules in which you and fill it correctly personal data. When false personal data is provided by the customer, the supplier has the right to immediately notify the police for violation of Art. 313 of the Criminal Code. Without a signed declaration of consent no client can participate in the game.
15  Ways to reserve hour are using our online form through which you can keep handy for you day and time. You can make a reservation by phone. Change in booking is possible by contacting us by phone, but no later than 48 hours from the reserved day, new time will be aligned relative to opportunities in our calendar. In case you want to book an appointment today for today need to contact us by obazhdane.Pri delayed more than 15 minutes after the appointed hour to play, then your reservation is removed and the amount paid by you is not refundable. An exception can be made only in the event that after your booking for the next hour game is not saved from another team.
16. RESERVATION CONFIRMATION - When making a reservation, our employee will be contacted within the working day to confirm all the details of the reservation that you have made. In the event that we are unable to contact you within 48 hours of making the booking, the SUPPLIER reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case there is no deposit. Every Monday a SUPPLIER employee has the right to call the CUSTOMER for confirmation of his reservation in the current week. If contact is not established more than 24 hours after the first call from our employee, the SUPPLIER reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the CUSTOMER in case there is no deposit payed.
17. It is strictly forbidden the use by customers of recording devices of any kind / cameras, cameras, mobile phones / the territory of outlets PROVIDER. Failing that conditions the operator will stop the game immediately and the entire group will be asked to leave the premises.
The refund is only possible after notification of our employees only by email no later than 72 hours before you have made the reservation! The Deposit of 40 BGN is not refundable. In case of no show of customers for their reserved day and time and without any warning for their action, the amount paid by them is not refundable. Depending on the method of payment that you have used the methods for reimbursement will be different.
If you have payed by bank transfer, within 14 days from the cancelation, the funds will be refunded to the bank account from which payment was originally made. In case you pay by bank transfer with a receipt, you must keep this document for your refund in cash at our office.
If you have paid with the system of ePay, within 14 days, the funds will be restored in your ePay account.
If you have paid on the spot at our office you should visit us again.You have to keep the receipt from our cash register, which you should provide us for your refund in cash at our office.
If you have paid by credit / debit card, then within 14 days the amount will be refunded to the card from which the payment was made.