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Questomania can fulfill all your special expectations by providing the most unique solutions for your corporate or personal teambuilding, both indoors and outdoors; For groups of 5 to 500 people; With a creative, extreme, logical and competitive theme. Our most successful events include a pinch of everything, and customers get a real laugh to tears and a long-term motivating effect in their job.

We and customers laugh to tears as well, they receive a long term, Crazy games, Hunger Games, Film Challenge for larger groups of companies such as HP, Sutherland, William Hill, Telenor, and so on.

We also offer the most successful team games “Escape Room” and the psychic game Mafia. With teambuilding and corporate events selected in this latest revolutionary form you will learn a lot about your colleagues and improve the overall psychological climate in the company. Achieve it here with phenomenal adventures and excitement!

Escape games

The participant's task is to fulfill a mission according to the storyline and get out of the room for 60 minutes. There is no need of any prior training or special skills to participate in the game, all that the players need is situated in the room. They have to solve unusual puzzles, to discover secret places, to find keys and mysterious objects in order to decipher codes by using their own logic and imagination.

Our escape room games are high-tech and dynamic.

Will turn every event into unforgettable experience.

Will increase the effectiveness of the teamwork.

Will develop skills for planning, solving non-standard tasks and setting priorities.

The experience will help them eliminate the stress and the fatigue from the working week and will give them an energy and motivation for new professional appearances.

Mafia game

This is a psychological game with a detective storyline. Participants are divided into two teams - the civil citizens and the members of the Mafia. The citizents are suffering from the Mafia and they make the decision to "clean" the city from the criminals by putting them in the jail. In response the Mafia starts a war that intends to eliminate all of the civilians. Who will win in end by putting them in jail?

Experiencing this game is the greatest way to develop useful skills while having fun.

You will learn how to negotiate effectively and how to reflect and to implement manipulation in order to mislead the opponents.

You will train your creativity, your intuition, the resilience under stress and will help you to increase your leadership skills.

You will develop skills such as skill of persuasion, public speaking and presentation and also will increase your ability to listen and hear carefully.

You will learn how to solve problems productively, how to think logically and how to recognize the lie.