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What is the escape room game?

Escape room game is an exciting adventure for a team of 2-6 people. Just the same as computer games, but they take place in a real room with tangible objects.  

What do you need to do?

Your need to accomplish a storyline mission and get out of the room where you are locked. Solve puzzles, find hiding places, use clues and available items to collect the keys and open the door.

Rules for participation in the game

The game is played by 2-8 people. Children 6-14 years old with a parent only.

You don't have to have prior training or specific knowledge to play the game. Everything you need is inside the room. 

You should arrive by your scheduled time. If you arrive late, the playing time will be reduced.

One game is 60 minutes. If you don't do all the tasks within this time, the door will open anyway.

The administrator is also able to watch you through a video surveillance system. You can contact the game administrator at any time.

The game is not recommended to persons who have medical contraindications for being inan enclosed space under emotional and mental stress, including those with chronic cardiovascular disease, neuro-psychiatric disorders, gestation.

Don't use physical strength to do the tasks. 

Persons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed to play the game.